Demo tour Sept/Oct Northern Sweden

A warm welcome at demo screenings around the country. We go north and start in Sundsvall.

Wed 28/9 Sundsvall, Erik Smedberg 11-14
Thu 29/9 Bockholmen Nordmaling 11-14
Fri 30/9 Bamse products, Skellefteå 10-14
Sat 1/10 Lucky harness 11-14
Mon 3/10 Kefab, Östersund, Oviken, 11-14

On the way home we also visit:
Tues 4/10 Sälen, Smågarna 11-14
Wed 5/10 Charlottenberg, Värmland 11-14

We show several models of Alstor's stock handling machines, among others
Alstor 822 and the combination machine Alstor 840pro.
For more information, please see events on our Facebook page or contact us on 072-220 14 37

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