To carry out solid work in the forest, it is not always the biggest and heaviest machine that is right for the job. The family company Alstor has therefore developed flexible and efficient machines that give you the opportunity to thin, fell and care for your forest for high growth and gentle care, without unnecessary soil damage.

In 1998, the first Alstor 8×8 was rolled out of the production factory in Dingle, Bohuslän. Since then, development has continued and today the company delivers a flexible load carrier with good off-road properties.

- Our concept is the right machine for the right job and today we deliver both forwarders, harvesters and a combination machine. The customer gets a full bogie machine for unimpeded access even in hilly and difficult terrain, with minimal driving damage. This means that anyone who wants to drive recklessly can do so, says Kristian Laurell, CEO.

Alstor's broad customer group includes, among other things, professional contractors, municipalities, self-employed forest owners and energy companies.

- Our customers choose the level of equipment themselves and our machines are adapted as needed. The flexibility of the machine is highly appreciated and the need for machines for a sustainable way of farming the forest has grown in recent years.

Through close cooperation with local subcontractors, Alstor supplies a Swedish product, which means short transports and minimized emissions. The size of the products is also important, as more efficiently proportioned machines use less fuel and leave fewer footprints in the forest.
- We are constantly working to make the machine more efficient, without the physical product becoming larger. As a small company with a holistic approach, we do not chase quarterly reports, but the goal is to deliver a product that is in line with a sustainable way of life. With it, you should be able to do the job in an optimal way, without unnecessary wear and tear on the environment and high operating costs.

The machines run on diesel and many of Astor's customers now choose to switch to the fossil-free alternative HVO100. Thanks to the machines' fuel-efficient operation, it becomes economically justifiable to use environmentally friendly fuels.

- Alstorn draws around 2 liters per hour and our forwarder makes a more even extraction over the ground, which means more even growth. This makes it easy for us to brag about how the robust and flexible construction provides not only good service but also good economy.

There is a reason why Alstor's customer group of satisfied and returning foresters is steadily growing. Do you also want to take care of your forest in a gentle and environmentally friendly way, with Swedish-made machines? Select Alstor.

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