About us

In 1998, the first Alstor 8×8 was rolled out of the production factory in Dingle, Bohuslän.
Now over 1,300 machines are rolling around Sweden and the rest of the world.
With the starting point, a flexible load carrier with good off-road characteristics, Alstor has continued its development into a full-suspension forestry machine. Today it is a modern machine with extremely good passability that can be obtained in a variety of designs. Choose between a pure forwarder, a harvester or a combi machine. Over the years, the machine has been equipped with a number of options and specially adapted to a range of different operations. In 2023, the new model Alstor 850 will be premiered, which is the result of 25 years of development of machines in the segment "stand-by" forest machines.
"Alstorowners" today are everything from professional contractors, energy companies, municipalities, rescue services and self-employed forest owners.
Alstor is appreciated by its owners for the robust and flexible construction that provides simple service and good economy.
The family business with 26 employees is now led by son Kristian Laurell, who proudly continued to produce an all-Swedish product. In newly renovated and adapted premises, the very close collaboration with local subcontractors has created quality-controlled work with good environmental thinking.
Alstor is today represented by about ten retailers in Sweden and another ten or so retailers around the world.